our own bouquet

Photo Aug 13, 2 29 53 PM

in thailand, 12 august is celebrated as a mother day as the queen of thailand’s birthday, mother of all thai people. since when i was young, i decorate my own card for my mom. many years passed, giving a card every year seems like to be our own kind of habits to show her my love into a tangible objects.

Photo Aug 10, 2 41 18 PMPhoto Aug 10, 5 32 59 PM

for 2015, i want to make her something that i’ve never gave to her before. some beautiful things, a bouquet, or a flower that will never wilt. so here comes a paper’s bouquet. i choose a lily flower, because light-green is her favorite color.

  Photo Aug 13, 2 29 09 PM  Photo Aug 13, 3 00 48 PM

happy mother’s day :^)

take-out drawing

“i prefer drawing to talking. drawing is faster, and leaves less room for lies.” – le corbusier, time, 5 may 1961


“Take-Out Drawing cafe” the moment i step into takeout drawing cafe, everything, every little details surprised me. firstly with their scraper


IMG_4224 Photo Apr 24, 3 27 08 PM

and when i asked them for their menu, they said it is in the daily newspaper, page7. i was standing there confused for a little while until the waitress showed me the free newspaper shelf behind me. after we’ve ordered, we walking around for the perfect table to sit. take-out drawing also provides a exhibition space and selling some creative design items.

IMG_4228 IMG_4225

we ordered a few drinks and cakes, storming ant(₩7,000) blace sesame drinks and their recommended, paul’s meringue factory(₩7,500) at first i thought on top of the espresso is a whipped-cream, but it actually is a meringue. and i was suprised by their organic greentea cake! the taste was super good. the cafe also gives us a great view of yongsan-gu by their giant square window

Photo Apr 24, 3 36 08 PM Photo Apr 24, 3 34 52 PM Photo Apr 24, 3 32 22 PM

“drawing is a boundless land where anything we imagine can be built.”

directions: subway line 6, Hangangjin station, exit 3, walk straight for about 150m

Take-Out Drawing 140-892 서울 용산구 한남동 683-139 (Yongsan-gu, Hannam-dong)


POST POETICS, Itaewon (이태원)

Photo Apr 24, 3 04 33 PM (1)

an artbook distributer and bookshop, which located in Itaewon area, 3rd floor of MMMG flagship store building. loaded of prints and design ideas was collected here. with this kind of perfect atmosphere, let’s say i really love this place

IMG_4263 Photo Apr 24, 3 05 17 PM (1)IMG_4255  Photo Apr 24, 3 01 23 PM (1)

directions: subway line 6, Hangangjin station, exit 3, walk straight for about 600m and it will be on your left.

POST POETICS 3F 683 -142 Hannamdong Yongsangu, Seoul, S.Korea

closed on sunday and monday, +82 2 322 7023

something you have to do it everyday ♡

Photo Jan 31, 5 36 56 PM

i write my diary everyday, a kind of long phrase and nonsensical diary, and of course no one was allowed to read it. even myself, i can’t remember what i wrote, because the feeling i have on that time cause me to write. for me, diary is something you have to do it everyday (or in case every ‘special’ day) otherwise, those feelings will change, and you might forget it.

here are some wording from my diary on the last day of my journey


28 april, 2014 7:24pm

i’m on the plane right now, the sun just went down and the sky is blue. my heart just filled with many love from my friends, who came and surprised me at the airport. maybe some destiny lead me to them, maybe all the good i’be made, lead me to them. because they are my very good friends 🙂  i think i got a lot from this journey, maybe it’s actually change my way of life, and my attitude. that meeting strangers isn’t scary at all, because in fact, even your best friends, they were once a strangers before. and sometimes being alone, is isn’t that bad. because when you got more time with yourself, you’ll know what do you actually want. and you’ll grow up.

from my thoughts, growing up is to know how to live this world happily. growing up is to know what do you actually want. and growing up is to care only the one who deserve it. maybe not only to care, you’ll have to cherish them.

‘just know what’s make you happy. without hurting others. that’s really enough’


Photo Apr 15, 1 46 28 PM

CAFE 장쌤 (JANGSSAM) 홍대 hongdae 

5.55PM tuesday april 15, 2014 ‘maybe when our head can’t remember those details, but our heart will remember these feelings’ – kangkulsri

after a few talk with the owner of this warmhearted cafe (only a few talk as my few korean language) , i found out that she actually did the dessert and the decoration all by herself. (not included drinks and more) i know suddenly that she is happy : ) i saw her busying in her cute little kitchen, baking cookies with a really nice smell. she’s also a tea lover, she do provided various kind of tea that you actually can’t find it so common out there, and the tea was served in a cute little teapot. i spend 6 hours there without realizing the time that has already passed. i’m sitting there drawing,sketching, and practicing my workbook. you can do everything there, some musical university student came here to write a song or compose a new lyrics, cafe jangssam also has a guitar too, and they play such a cute background music, i got a lot of cute tract from this cafe, and just like that, cafe JANGSAM turn out to be one of my most favorite cafe.

Photo Apr 15, 2 44 32 PM

mariage fres tea – earl gray umperial (얼 그레이 임페리얼)

karel capel – girls tea (걸즈티)

with free service homemade cookies and strawberry short cake : )

Photo May 16, 10 39 55 PM Photo Apr 15, 1 49 00 PMPhoto May 16, 10 41 10 PM Photo Apr 15, 3 52 09 PMPhoto Apr 15, 4 51 14 PM Photo Apr 15, 2 56 41 PM

directions: subway line 2 Hongik University Station 홍대입구역 exit 2 서울시 마포구 서교동 327-21+82 70-4084-3414



밀리미터밀리그람 MMMG – everything is something to us 안국점ANGUK BRANCH store&cafe.

MMMG is one of my favorite cafe in korea, you can feel the warmth in this creative place, it’s not just a furniture or stationery that they put design &idea in it, but also their drinks and food, you can feel the pleasure they put in each cup of drink, and while i noticing those little detail, it makes a curve on my face : ) MMMG is really a place i that can spend time here ALL DAY. some of the customer come to enjoy foods and drinks, buying some stationery, and some of them are here to meet friends, working, thinking, and creating. like me, i come here for sketching, and drawing. so maybe this cafe is filling up with ideas, friendships, pleasure and peace : )

i would love to be here again, even it’s my 4th times here already

Photo May 05, 5 51 28 PM Photo May 05, 5 51 14 PM

stationery corner, where they sell their notebook,planner,poster,tote bag, cases, a mug and more : )

Photo May 05, 6 23 18 PM Photo May 05, 5 45 01 PMPhoto May 05, 5 51 55 PM (1) Photo May 05, 6 40 09 PM

directions: subway line 3, anguk 안국역 station, exit 1

Mon – Sat11:00 am – 10:00 pm , Sun11:00 am – 9:00 pm 

종로구 안국동 153, Seoul, Korea 110-240 +82 2-3210-1604 mmmg.net


cherry blossoms ♡

Photo Mar 30, 5 21 53 PM

honestly, this is my first time seeing a cherry blossom. somehow i am the one that really in love with seasoning. even though i really hate changing, but i think seasonal changing is totally fine to me.

10006627_10151956269402553_631514281_n 1609990_10151951772092553_2112116965_n

for me season change is much more than just temperature or leaf coloring. i think it’s more about start, moving on, and opportunity in my country there is only summer. summer is good, but i prefer spring, autumn and winter sometimes. spring, in korea, means cherry blossom : ) and yes, here i am

10153856_10151951119657553_1577889513_n 10173822_10151954907977553_557694153_n