밀리미터밀리그람 MMMG – everything is something to us 안국점ANGUK BRANCH store&cafe.

MMMG is one of my favorite cafe in korea, you can feel the warmth in this creative place, it’s not just a furniture or stationery that they put design &idea in it, but also their drinks and food, you can feel the pleasure they put in each cup of drink, and while i noticing those little detail, it makes a curve on my face : ) MMMG is really a place i that can spend time here ALL DAY. some of the customer come to enjoy foods and drinks, buying some stationery, and some of them are here to meet friends, working, thinking, and creating. like me, i come here for sketching, and drawing. so maybe this cafe is filling up with ideas, friendships, pleasure and peace : )

i would love to be here again, even it’s my 4th times here already

Photo May 05, 5 51 28 PM Photo May 05, 5 51 14 PM

stationery corner, where they sell their notebook,planner,poster,tote bag, cases, a mug and more : )

Photo May 05, 6 23 18 PM Photo May 05, 5 45 01 PMPhoto May 05, 5 51 55 PM (1) Photo May 05, 6 40 09 PM

directions: subway line 3, anguk 안국역 station, exit 1

Mon – Sat11:00 am – 10:00 pm , Sun11:00 am – 9:00 pm 

종로구 안국동 153, Seoul, Korea 110-240 +82 2-3210-1604


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