Photo Apr 15, 1 46 28 PM

CAFE 장쌤 (JANGSSAM) 홍대 hongdae 

5.55PM tuesday april 15, 2014 ‘maybe when our head can’t remember those details, but our heart will remember these feelings’ – kangkulsri

after a few talk with the owner of this warmhearted cafe (only a few talk as my few korean language) , i found out that she actually did the dessert and the decoration all by herself. (not included drinks and more) i know suddenly that she is happy : ) i saw her busying in her cute little kitchen, baking cookies with a really nice smell. she’s also a tea lover, she do provided various kind of tea that you actually can’t find it so common out there, and the tea was served in a cute little teapot. i spend 6 hours there without realizing the time that has already passed. i’m sitting there drawing,sketching, and practicing my workbook. you can do everything there, some musical university student came here to write a song or compose a new lyrics, cafe jangssam also has a guitar too, and they play such a cute background music, i got a lot of cute tract from this cafe, and just like that, cafe JANGSAM turn out to be one of my most favorite cafe.

Photo Apr 15, 2 44 32 PM

mariage fres tea – earl gray umperial (얼 그레이 임페리얼)

karel capel – girls tea (걸즈티)

with free service homemade cookies and strawberry short cake : )

Photo May 16, 10 39 55 PM Photo Apr 15, 1 49 00 PMPhoto May 16, 10 41 10 PM Photo Apr 15, 3 52 09 PMPhoto Apr 15, 4 51 14 PM Photo Apr 15, 2 56 41 PM

directions: subway line 2 Hongik University Station 홍대입구역 exit 2 서울시 마포구 서교동 327-21+82 70-4084-3414

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