take-out drawing

“i prefer drawing to talking. drawing is faster, and leaves less room for lies.” – le corbusier, time, 5 may 1961 “Take-Out Drawing cafe” the moment i step into takeout drawing cafe, everything, every little details surprised me. firstly with their scraper ‘NOTHING’S GONNA CHANGE MY WORLD’ and when i asked them for their menu, they said […]


POST POETICS, Itaewon (이태원) an artbook distributer and bookshop, which located in Itaewon area, 3rd floor of MMMG flagship store building. loaded of prints and design ideas was collected here. with this kind of perfect atmosphere, let’s say i really love this place     directions: subway line 6, Hangangjin station, exit 3, walk straight for […]


CAFE 장쌤 (JANGSSAM) 홍대 hongdae ♡ 5.55PM tuesday april 15, 2014 ‘maybe when our head can’t remember those details, but our heart will remember these feelings’ – kangkulsri after a few talk with the owner of this warmhearted cafe (only a few talk as my few korean language) , i found out that she actually did the […]


밀리미터밀리그람 MMMG – everything is something to us 안국점ANGUK BRANCH store&cafe. MMMG is one of my favorite cafe in korea, you can feel the warmth in this creative place, it’s not just a furniture or stationery that they put design &idea in it, but also their drinks and food, you can feel the pleasure they put in each […]